Monday, March 29, 2010

BACK! (finally)

Thats all I can say. UGH. Its not like ugh like grimace ugh but ugh like thank god im off my feet ugh. Secondly I say UGH again to this week ahead. Its the one thing that stands between me and Spring Break! So yea. Looking forward to that. I will be zipping around the south western United States mostly. No international travel this spring however that will come in summer.
So why have I been out? Why did I miss a good 2 days of school last week? Hockey? Some other crazy thing? Yes to both! The other crazy thing was the primary reason and it will only make people think im even more of a crazy nerd. I dont let it show that much take my word for it. I was at a robotics competition! Yea Im on my schools robotics team too. I cant say much more other than it was pretty fun. I was a good 3 days of robots robots ROBOTS! Playing this years FRC game Breakaway. Sadly it was soccer breakaway not hockey breakaway. That brings us to hockey that occupied any other time I had along with baseball/tennis nonsense.
That is yet another fact I seem to have failed to mention. I went to try out for my school baseball team like I did last year but I didnt make it this year, why? Because last year I went to the summer training thing and only people who go to that get to be on the teams. Fantastic corruption! So I thought I would slip my self on to the tennis team just cuz its fun and something else to do. It doenst take up any of my time either. When I write about my normal schedule Im always like oh crap im freaking busy, but I never feel that way untill I start seeing movie posters advertising movies I havent seen previews to. I seriously need to take a breather. Im holding out for spring break.
Right now I should be doing math that I missed but I dont want to. Im having one of those Mondays.
I noticed that I dont talk that much hockey in my blog and idk why. This is kinda the place I put all the untold stuff and hockey is not untold as Im always talking hockey at school or some place or another. I dont really want to mention my allegiance to one team cuz thats when people start getting crazy! I guess I just dont talk hockey cuz I feel like id be walking on egg shells with this blogosphere and its many people with different tastes in hockey teams. Baseball however I feel a bit different about. Angels all the way bi--- and if you dont agree well f--- you! (oh there it is, see I try to avoid that but lets continue to piss people off shall we) Whats up with them calling them the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. (not im not a ducks fan too...christ) Well Los Angeles and Anaheim are two different cities each with their own baseball teams (and hockey teams) zip codes, area codes, the works. On top of that they are in two different counties! I dont get it and I havent since they changed the name a few years back. Whats more is their next game is against the Twins on the 5th. Oh Mikey, dont wanna piss you off and I wont try to. Let the best team win. *cough* Angles *cough*
Alright. Im starting to get to that drunkenness in my writing that im sure convinces people that im crazy. Ive gotta go do math anyway...and study for WHAP.
One last UGH for the road. Ill be fine


  1. Tottaly with you on the whole nerd thing dont worry. I am a huge math nerd, and i like your blog!