Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pre game brain purge

Pretty excited. Nothing better than a last minute schedule change to get your season moving!
Did that random Physical test thing, I passed in all areas yet I still looked like a dumby running around the track. Skate hard, run like shit. That was my pseudo motto for today. lol Got me all ready to play tonight. Im gunna be up on endorphins tonight woot woot!
Ive got my self all set to fly a bunch this next week but there is this tick haze that is everywhere and it refuses to lift. Its like I live in Beijing, its not even fog its just a crazy haze. Hopefully that moves out soon, I need flight hours and flying is no fun when you can only see gray and little hazy bits of distant hills and ground. IFR...ugh.
Brother just got home...he just doesnt shut up. He gives me headaches. He broke the printer the other day cuz he thinks he knows everything. Hes 23...its time to move on out if you ask me. Hes never left home for longer than a week, hes been in the community college for like 5 years, lazy to no end. Ugh, I dont like him at all and I have kept that in for too long. Just this last year Ive gone off on him though I just couldn't sit around and not say anything anymore. It surprised everyone but I had to be done for my own sanity. Im on edge all the time because of him. My parents try to use the fact that he has a crazy mild learning disability as an excuse but just putting it out there I have one too yet I still manage. Ive taken tests with concussions and passed, I never complain, work my ass off and get ignored where he sleeps and will complain about anything and his C becomes a triumph of the will and a symbol of how hard hes worked. I cant stand that.
Being able to air my grievances to the blog world helps. Hope the internet doesnt hate me and think im a bickering weirdo. For the record im not, the only reason that makes it to the internet is because it goes nowhere else. From my brain to the computer.
Ive been asked what this crush of mine looks like so I will describe him here.
hes a bit shorter than me, prolly like 5'10" ish and has cute brown hair and light brown/greenish eyes. Can never be to sure about race out here, hes on the lighter side of the brown constant tan all of us californians have. Hes got a nice body and volleyballs started so its only gunna get better. Cant let him distract me too much cuz hes still just a crush a big tease but still nothing more.
Alright gotta get ready for hockey. Pretty pumped already. More later as usual


  1. hmm i wonder who asked that question...

    bickering weirdo? u r if ur blog is full of... bickeringness. but its not.

    keep ur posts coming dude.

  2. That's what internet friends are for; rants about whatever. It's called bitching and everyone needs to do it.

  3. I'm a Californian so where's my constant tan??? I'm still a pale guy with Celtic ancestors who is indoors a lot so I won't be tanned.

    Think of this as your online diary, where you can vent all you want and say anything. I vent on mine whenever I want, and you should too.