Friday, March 5, 2010

Im depressing (study coma part deux)

I would like to put down on record. that I have been studying for this history test happening at for a very long time yet I feel I only know the basics. I dunno if thats all I need to know but here is where I am right now. (excuse me its past midnight)
So the Manchurians are all like "Russia your not getting us" and the Japanese are all "Korea your ours" then russia is like "no mine!" China craps its pants and Japan tries to get crafty but fails then Admiral perry shows up and makes them crap them selfs (and open up Japan). the Meiji restoration happens. Meanwhile the ottomans are all "shit" and the balkans and janessaries are all "revolution" and Britan is like "thanks for Egypt!" and then my brain explodes then suddenly Mustafa Kamal is all "TURKEY!!!!" and the ottoman empire isnt there any more. Back to asia. Russia and china all "okay lets stop" then russia gets turned inside out as the tsar tries to return to autocracy. Japan is all "yay for western things and especially dutch things!! look at our fancy new diet! (parliament)".
thats pretty much chapter 27 in a nut shell. some of Ch 26 (I also will be tested on) was in the beginning but I know most of that well.
Oh also everyone says "yay for women! especialy upper class women! Go to school now please, because you can!"
then Communism shows up in the next chapter and makes the world crap its pants (because at 1am the world has pants)

okay I NEED to get to bed now.


  1. Glad that I'm out of school, but I have a test in my profession every 10 years that I've been studying for two or three years now and don't take it until 2013.

    You were right, there is one rink and hockey team in Sacramento and 2 in the suburbs. No high school teams though that I can find.