Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Why is spring hockey so crazy?

This came up in conversation today. Apparently its not that nobody cares about HS spring hockey its that the woman who is in charge of scheduling forgot about us. Obviously she doesn't care. So what she did was she made up some of the HS schedule as she was putting together the in house league stuff at the start of the year and then stopped and figured she would come back to it later, but she never did! The schedule is on a computer and is automatically sent out to the coaches and registered players so we all got the broken up not fully planned ones and thats why it looked like there was a huge gap between games. Just this morning we find out we have a game tomorrow! Its so crazy. Ive had to deal with her years before and she has always been bad at scheduling. We rarely know an official game time until a few days before. Kinda ticks everyone off. Get to wear my jersey to school tomorrow and have all the puck bunnies all over me ugh. She said she will have the full schedule done by tonight but who knows. Im sticking to in house next year I swear!
We moved seats in french today. The teacher said she had the computer do it randomly and I crossed my fingers. She called out our names and had us move to our new seats. She called him and went down the row and as she went to the next row she pointed to the chair that is next to his and when she didn't call my name I swore very loudly and said it was because my leg was cramping to not make anyone suspicious. Lucky for me we are pretty much within diagonal eye shot of each other and hes right in front of the white board so I have an excuse to be looking over there!
Hockey practice today, It was just gunna be casual but now its like "Game tomorrow! Get ready!" practice.
Should prolly go get ready for that.
More later

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