Monday, March 22, 2010

Week Outlook

oh this week! Busy, but not like ima rip all my hair out busy. Its just that mad scramble before spring break (first full week in April). My English teacher gave us a project that is due the day before we leave but its pretty much done and just chillin in my locker. Its actually pretty good if you ask me. Its about propaganda in the 40s. So got a test tomorrow for some reason. Its on RNA and translation and transcription and all of that fun bio-y stuff I nerd out over. I will pass it I know. My bio teacher seems to hate me for some reason, didn't realize my 105% would give her reason to scoff at me but idk, America isnt the happiest place on earth anymore. (dont say it!)
Its been cooling down over here but I dont mind cuz Wednesday I have this thing after school where I they are gunna make me run and do sit ups and crap. I make come across as being very athletic (or not Idk) but I dont think I am. I suck at running so im stressing over that. Im not made for running, I can skate great but no. Not looking forward to that.
Hockey practice is pretty much filling in all of the empty slots but thats cool. Just holding out for spring break over here. Ive got some more homework to do but I dont feel like doing it to tell you the truth (dont worry I will) Im just pacing my self.
I tried out for my schools speech and debate team today. Pretty sure im gunna make it. Im very...idk how to put it but im good with my words in speaking as well as writing. Articulate I think is the right word. Ive always been that fearless leader type (yet never team captain...hmmm) Idk, im more into my fast flying tin cans than I am being the next awesome political leader. Ive been told thats perfect for me but I dont think so. I get too hot tempered and would prolly end up aging my self to death. So pilot it is still! Hockey on the side of corse!
Not giving that up any time soon.
Crush news! Hes still cute as ever! If you could see me right now, Im smiling all big remembering all the cute shit he did today. We are getting new seats in french tomorrow and I hope to god that woman sat me next to him, and not jut next to him but his parle partner! Need to get to talking to him some more. We already do but its hard to when we sit pretty much across the room from each other! Ive actually prayed several times when ever we change seats that im put next to him. Hopefully putting this out in the blog world makes it happen. He just logged on to aim! AH!
Alright hoping for that, more on this later...prolly tomorrow.
Homework now...and aim! (its cool, im a productive multi-tasker)

Todays pic btw. Bee= busy. Bee playing hockey = busy hockey player = me
Update: Im chickening out and I cant bring my self to talk to him. Ugh Too nervous to
say anything!
Update: Said something, aim says he is typing. Nervous still.


  1. Nervous is good! it means you really like him!
    Oh man, I'm definitely living vicariously through you at the moment, hope you don't mind.

  2. I agree with Madeleine (as I always seem to). Plus this is your first time asking a guy out, I think. It would be strange if you WEREN'T nervous in this situation. But you want to do this, so practice it in your mind, then do it when the time is right.

  3. @Madeleine
    Its great isn't it? Is so easy to do that through the internet of course I don't mind!

  4. @green and purple
    The part I find interesting is its only me who feels like im asking him out. Its basically the same as going to see a movie with any of my friends but I cant get that out of my head.

  5. i LOL'd at the last part, the update. wow describing the situation second by second haha. ya man u really like this dude eh? to be honest i am pretty curious how this'll play out... i mean like wud u have ever thought u'd have a bf this early in ur life? btw arent u sacred if somebody at skool finds out bout u guys' lil shindig? how does he look like btw? n also does he "act" gay towards u only or towards other guys too? k bro sry for all the questions lol

  6. @Joey
    I wouldn't call him a boy friend. hes like a friend that I like who puts out a vibe like he likes me. If hes gay hes pretty straight acting like me. Read the last blog post, I think I talk about that. It wont matter if anyone at school knows we are going to see a movie. All it looks like it to friends going to see a movie nothing more.

  7. well in ur last post u told us how he's a stud but no physical descriptions... is he tall? short? blonde? white? black? mexican?
    but ya u should totally take him out n just chill some place man. if not the movies then figure out something u both like doing? is he also a sports kinda guy like u?no shame in a lil man date right? lol