Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring is springing

oh spring...the time of year that I go nuts. The time of year I often times catch my self staring at some guy and pretend like I was only speaceing out when he catches me. oh spring...
March sucks! I have a head cold! Need I say more? I can but I would rather not right now to keep from dyeing.
So a while back a friend of mine told me he didn't know how to ice skate. I do live in california after where people have trouble fixing them selfs cerel in the morning (im not one of those people just sayin) So I have made it my personal gaol to have him out skating like a pro (or close to it) by the end of March. we went to the rink today to putz around some and he does that slipy slidy thing everyone seems to do when they have know clue what they are doing. Y'know where they are doing more | | instead of / \ with their skates. I cant really describe it but hopefully you get the picture, basically he isnt making any progress in any direction at this point cuz hes not pushing off like / \ and still doing the | | thing and is in a really awkward stance so I had to think back to when I taught 5 year olds how to skate with the nose over the knees, knees over the toes thing they teach everyone. I had to give him a break sorta, I can be like a DI when it come to this sort of thing. Hes 17 and his first time in skates and on ice was last weekend. Hes my project for this month basically. He is getting there. we managed to get from the door of the rink to the blue line before he fell and it was a struggle all the way im telling you. We made a whole lap with out falling by the end of the skate just some weird semi fall/toe touchy things. I dunno, I hope I wasnt this much of a hand full when I was 5 and learning how to skate. I bet I was worse. to tell you the truth I kinda like it but I bet you already knew that. I would tolly blitz him about being a bender but thats the least of our worries right now. More on him later
Ive been meaning to talk on puck bunnies as of late. SOoo many of them at school. Seriously, these girls couldnt even tell you how long the game lasts or anything beyond that really. It takes them forever to figure out when a goal has been scored, sometimes they cheer for the wrong side. The thing that sux more is they are really all we got as far as support in the stands (Ca is not a hockey state...yet we have 3 NHL teams) I guess not full of hockey people. Anyway, so they might not like you or want much to do with you. Then spring season rolls around and then your fighting them off with a stick. Of course they get all pissy cuz I dont want much to do with them in either situation. Now it would be different if they were nice and mabey...idk knew hockey but TABARNAK they arent! They are evil! Im just like Omg, Se taire! laissez-moi tranquil! fermer toutes les portes s'il te plaƮt! Cripes! They couldnt even tell me what went on in the game,
just that so n' so likes #11 and wants to know his number.
They are gunna make a man miserable one day.
Im stuck in a math class with these girls...per 3 man ugh.
Im not my self today and It may or may not show im my writing but thats because I have a cold.
When I get sick its only for like a day but man does it mess me up. Also this time change form
PST to PDT messes with me too. Spring forward, Fall back as they say.
Im gunna get to bed so I can get up in the mornin


  1. I did my own take on puck bunnies a little while ago

    They are just as annoying to us female fans as they are to you players.

    I've never understood how Florida has enough hockey fans to support not one, but TWO teams. Maybe it's all those old folks from Canada who go there for the winter?

  2. @Madeleine
    Oh, I will give your post a look. There is plenty more that I can say about them but I didn't feel like it. At least california has the excuse of being huge and having 3 teams in our 3 lager population areas even though LA is like right by Anaheim but cross town rivalry makes the game fun.